10 Highly Dangerous Bridges In The World That Will Scare You



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From the depths of forests to the heights of skies, the world has various highly dangerous bridges. We should be thankful to the human efforts who originated the concept of bridge with a purpose to connect two areas or mountains. There are various things which make us decide whether to name a bridge dangerous or not, such as their narrowness, old construction, poor material used and so on. But with the passage of time, the human beings have created some sharply beautiful and safe bridges as well. Still some parts of the countries lack the presence of those safe and gorgeous bridges. From sky-high suspension bridges to dilapidated rope bridges, here are the 10 highly dangerous bridges in the world.

10. Ghasa – Nepal

Ghasa is a highly dangerous bridge, situated in Gus Village, Nepal. Besides the fact that this bridge has been poorly constructed, every day not only the humans but also the cattle cross it in a large number. It is interesting to know that Ghasa is a very small and narrowly constructed bridge, but still the people even the little children find it to be no problem to cross it.

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