Wisa ‘Slaps’ Tinny In Public


All is not well between Ga rappers Tinny and and Wisa. The latter says he does not respect the former because he insulted him, Wisa sometime past.

Wisa on eTV disclosed that there will be noway he can respect someone who doesn’t respect him because respect is reciprocal.

Explaining what led to their misunderstanding, the Ekiki Mi singer disclosed that “Tinny told me trash and I told him trash. I can’t just wake up one morning and start dissing Tinny. If he respects himself, he will respect those of us coming up. I come from Labadi and that’s where I rep so if you are an Osu boy and you come to Labadi, you’ll have to respect us. You can’t disrespect us and expect us to respect you. Tinny disrespected me. Apaatse and Tinny did a song and insulted me with some of the lyrics. And this same person says he is a legend?”


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