Top 11 coolest Ghanaian celebrity dads


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Not about those who are hiding their kids so that groupies may think they are still single — but about those who have proved to the world that they are proud of their sperms.

The Ghanaian entertainment arena has recorded a number of fathers but unfortunately, a few are proud of them so we call them the ‘coolest dads’.

Despite having busy schedules, these celebrities make time with their children and wives. It’s hard to manage fame and family but we think their efforts in the upbringing of their offspring is really awesome.

So we bring you 11 Of the coolest Ghanaian celebrity dads we know.

1. Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame is the first on our list because he understands the meaning of fatherhood. It’s either he is cracking jokes with his two kids or teaching them the Ghanaian culture. Such a cool family!

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