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10 Tested And Confirmed Ways To Make Over $10,000 Online Every Month From The Comfort Of Your Home


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Hello friends, we all love the Internet don’t we? Most of us spend more than 5hours every day immersed in our phones and most times on the screen of our laptops. But the main issue here is that all over the Nigerian web space, every blog out there is claiming to teach you the ways to make money online in Nigeria. But most times, we find out that most of these ways are either too enormous to try, or we sometimes end up getting scammed and anytime we are told making money online is possible, we just blow the thought right away.

#10- Create and sell your E-book or Information Product:

We all have something we have a very  wide information about. What’s your strength? Do you know how to bake so well and can put your  training in writing? then you could create and sell an e-book  teaching people how to bake. Or do you have a new business model that works? Create an e-book for it and watch the money rolling in.

But  whats an e-book you may ask… e-book as the name implies stands for “electronic book” and it refers to a PDF(portable document form) write that has a cover and table of contents.

Now Information marketing is a very lucrative industry and knowing you way around this will really liberate you financially.

Here comes the Questions…

How do you create an E-book?

Well they are you have two Options:

1. Contact a professional who can create an e-book for for you at  an affordable price and launch your product. Mind you, your e-book should  have all the information promised on the cover. For example if you’re teaching on how to lose weight within 5 days, make sure your steps are clear and the results can be attained.

2. Or you could create  an e-book yourself for free as they are many free software’s you can get online that will help you create you e-book. Although doing it yourself will take you time, it would be worth the effort. In our next post, we’ll teach you how to create a free e-book.

Who sells e-books anyway?

Well i know a handful of Nigerians who have made money selling the own e-books…for example, Abass Toriola from Webincome plus has made some real cash selling his e-book…Kenneth Ifeanyi is another Nigerian who has made money online by selling his e-books.

And on popular reseller website Clickbank most high ranking products are mostly e-books.

So what are you  waiting for?

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