Mr. Eazi discloses how much Sarkodie took to feature on his ‘Anointing’ song’ You Be Shocked To Know What Really Happened


Skin tight hitmaker, Mr. Eazi in an interview with Hitz FM has disclosed the amount BET award-winner, Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie took to feature on his current banging tune, Anointing.

According to Mr. Eazi, Sarkodie did not take any money. He went on to add that even Sarkodie drove himself to the recording studio as well as when they were shooting the video, the rap god again bought his own clothes, brought his own stylist and more.

His revelation came as a surprise to many, because many were thinking before you would have Sarkodie on your song, then you have to pay him ‘block’ before the feature would get done.

“Sarkodie did the ‘Anointing’ track with me for free, he didn’t take a pesewa. He drove himself to the recording studio, bought his own clothes, brought his own stylist, bought drinks and even went ahead to buy clothes for me.”

The Zagadat term crooner continued, “I believe charging an artiste depends on the market you find yourself; payment on collaborations depend on the artiste you are collaborating with. In business, you just don’t have to take money for everything.”

Hollup hitmaker, right there disclosing the amount he paid to Sarkodie for featuring on his smash hit single, Anointing.

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