Ghanaian Bishop Makes a Shocking Revelation On What Happens when Couples Have Se.x 12am-3am


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First off, the South African pastors, had us with their eating of snakes turned chocolate and stones turning to bread – now the Ghanaian pastors seem to have picked up the trend.

After it was reported of a Ghanaian pastor, who told his male members to come out of the congregation if they wanted larger genitals so he could lay his hands on them and they’d grow bigger, well yet another pastor is saying that couples shouldn’t have sex between the midnight hours of 12am and 3am.

A Twitter user shared these tweets revealing what his Ghanaian Bishop told him. He says his Bishop says couples shouldn’t have se.x between the hours of 12am and 3am else angels that are supposed to guide them would return cause they aren’t allowed by God to see their se.xual activities and thus, the evil spirit strikes


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