Housemaid Beheaded for Killing Employer’s Child


An Ethiopian housemaid who was convicted for killing the child of her employer more than three years ago has been recently executed.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the execution came after the king approved the death sentence.

According to the convict’s confession, she killed the 6-years –old girl with a knife as a payback for the mal-treatment given to her by the family in June 2013.

She has become the 199 person to be executed this year in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia stands to be the top executioners in the world. It was reported that on Jan. 2, about 47 people were beheaded among which was a prominent Shiite cleric, on issues that borders on terrorism.

Saudi Arabia has imposed death penalty for murder, armed robbery, banditry, rape, drug-trafficking and witchcraft.

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