Guys Here Are The 4 Steps to Giving Her Multiple Orgasms


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Giving her just one orgasm is cause for celebration. But any woman who can climax once can probably cross the finish line again—and again.

(Still trying to figure out how to make her come in the first place? Check out How to Pleasure a Woman, the official Men’s Health sex manual, for detailed, start-to-finish instructions.)

It’s a biological gift: You have to wait for your refractory period to pass before you’re ready for round two, but women don’t seem to experience the same reloading phase, says Men’s Health sex advisor Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. A woman could experience her second wave of pleasure in as little as 1 minute.

But just because she can come twice doesn’t mean she will. Studies suggest that only 14 to 40 percent of women have had multiple orgasms in one session.

How do you help her become one of the lucky ones?

First, make sure that’s what she wants. Some women would rather cuddle after climaxing than be pressured into an encore.

Next, remember that women differ dramatically on how they can achieve one orgasm, let alone multiple ones. So although there’s no single roadmap, try these tips to boost your chances of doubling (or tripling) her pleasure.

Step 1: Create massive sexual tension.

Building up desire is a precursor to any sexual activity. But creating copiousamounts of sexual tension can be just what she needs to achieve a bonus orgasm.

It’s like when you’re famished: You eagerly scoff down your meal and then go back for seconds and thirds. “You want her to retain her feelings of overall arousal when her body starts to relax after having the first orgasm,” says Amie Harwick, author of The New Sex Bible for Women.

So tease her early and often: Text her a sexy message in the morning, cop a feel under the table at dinner, and indulge in some PDA. By the time you get to bed, she should be extra, er, hungry for sex.

That way, when she has her first orgasm, she may still be up for seconds.

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