Popular Sakawa Boy Nana Wan aka Mr.Wealth Confesses Killing 114 Babies,His Son, 2 Sisters & More For 500 Billion A Week + Repents


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When the list of the richest men under 30 in Ghana is drawn Nana Wan aka Mr. Wealth, the Money god will certainly be in it — BUTnow he would be off that list  as he has confessed the evil things he did to get all of the wealth he owned at the Resurrection Power Ministry church at Weija.

We are sharing this story to advise all the young guys who at some point in their life think they are the most desperate and poorest in the world, so they have to use all sort of dubious means to make money. This is also to advise all the girls who would stretch their legs open to any rich filthy person they meet without giving qualms about the source of the money of the person.

Not all that GLITTERS is GOLD

Who is Nana Wan?

Nana Wan is one of the most popular Ghanaian rich kids in Ghana and tagged also as one of the biggest sakawa boys we have in the country. He’s also the president of Showboy’s 2 Hype Music and the CEO of Wiafe Group of Companies. Nana Wan ‘used’ to own 11 Range Rovers, countless number of Venzas, 2 Benz Salvadors, Several other mansions across the country. He moved like a president, guided by security men, police and army officers. He went to town with fleets of cars.

The Story

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