Majid Michel Talks On What Makes One A True Christian


Multiple award-winning actor, Majid Michel has been sharing what he called leadership inspirational messages for a while now.

In his recent one, he talked about what makes a true Christian.

He posted, “We just don’t seem to understand when Jesus is being taught. We don’t seem to understand when someone is teaching the things concerning Jesus Christ. Why?? Because He’s the most misunderstood Man in the world. I’ll try to make you understand Him. But thinking about it, God didn’t say understand ME. HE said BELiEVE in ME.! ..Ok…so we have come to understand that what makes a person a sinner is the fact That he’s born into the human race without the Life of God. And that it’s the absence of God’s life in a man that causes a man to be what the Bible defines as a Sinner. Growing up i was taught that sin was a long list of no-no’s: no smoking, no drinking, no night clubs no mini skirts, no, no, no!! And growing up i got the impression that being Christian meant that you have to memorize a bunch of rules and regulations or carry them around in your pocket which read, “don’t do this, stay away from that, don’t touch that, and for God’s sake don’t look at that”! …
Then Now i realize That what makes a man a sinner is the fact that he does not have God’s life in him. And the whole reason that God became a MAN in Jesus Christ was for the purpose of taking me in my human depravation, my oppression, my mental and spiritual slavery, and taking God in his Liberation and bringing us together . To be continued … #LEADERSHiP

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