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10 Richest Celebrities And How They Got There



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Love them or hate them, celebrities are known to lead lavish lifestyles and make truckloads of money – and for good reason. Although none of them are nearly as rich asthese people, the right actor can mean the difference between a blockbuster movie or a flop, the right band can mean a sold-out stadium or an empty lot. 

Some celebs party hard and live in the lap of luxury, and usually squander their hard-earned money, while others know how to take care of their money, invest it and watch it grow. Today we’ll be looking into the 10 richest celebrities in Hollywood.


10. Lil Wayne

Richest Celebrities
Dwayne Michael Carter, also known as Lil Wayne, started his music career at the age of 9, and today is a well known rapper. His debut album “The Block Is Hot” which went out in 1999 was an instant success and went platinum in just a few months time. Today, his total net income has crossed $90 million.

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