10 Questions that Journalists Fear Asking Celebrities During Interviews



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Fear is not real. The only place it can exist is in our thoughts’. But fear is now slowly compromising the quality of mainstream media and pushing the general public to the social network-an easier way of interacting personally with the celebrities and asking the questions journalists fail to ask. This has resulted in a worrying decline in viewer popularity on their host TV shows. But what are some of these questions that journalists fear asking?

10. Are you‘high’ or drunk?

Most of the Celebrities and especially entertainment celebs are drug junkies. Therefore, some even turn up on live interviews and make it difficult for the show host to contain the situation. Of course, you can’t let Mark Wahlberg get away with his drunken flirts on Sarah Silverman after he showed up at Graham Norton show. He even sat on Graham’s lap! Just recently, a former Big Brother Africa actor and a famous East African showbiz celebrity by the alias ‘Prezzo’ appeared on a popular Kenyan TV show, drunkenly flirted with the host and never even apologized for that. One brave gentleman, Oliver Reed after being asked why he drinks, he openly said, “Because the finest people I have met in my life have been in pubs.”

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