Top 10 Most Dangerous And Scary Sea Creatures For Humans


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Human species as a whole perhaps are the most dangerous animals on earth ever existed, capable of effecting climate on the global level, developing weapons of mass destruction and cuttings down the forests on massive scale. But when we encounter one-on-one with some animal species on earth, we get no chance of survival.

Under the ocean we are most vulnerable for obvious reasons, we aren’t evolved to extract oxygen from water to breath, any animal with pointed teeth and strong bite force could be life threatening to us. Oceans are filled with deadly animals but we are excluding those who don’t target humans and only pose danger while protecting themselves like pufferfish.

10. Sea Snake

Pelamis Platurus Costa Rica

If you ever thought that the land snakes are only deadly threat to humans, then you may want to think again, sea snakes also posses a venom that’s extremely dangerous for humans. But it’s extremely rare for them to inject its toxin while biting the prey, if they do however, aftereffects can be horrible as hell.

When they bite, they only inject a small amount of venom, but victim doesn’t experience its effects instantly. Within an hour symptoms start to occur that include headache, a thick feeling tongue and vomiting., which is later followed by elapid attack and a progressive paralysis of muscles.

After three to eight hours of biting, myoglobin may start to show up in blood, resulting in muscle breakdown, thinking of blood can also lead to kidney failure. After six to twelve hours (if not treated), severe hypercalcemia can lead to cardiac attacks, and sometimes death may occur. It is a horrible fate delivered from an otherwise passive animal.

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