If Sarkodie was the President of Ghana, this would have been his ministers


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Ghana has 77 days to elections and with this number of days left, tensions are high with all Political parties stepping up their game and spreading the good word to the Ghanaian populace in order to win their hearts and votes in the come December 7.

As tensions are high in the country, we at will want to ease tensions with this ‘comical piece’.

Today’s focus will be on the music industry. This piece looks at ten of Ghana’s artistes as politicians and positions they would  have occupied in his cabinet.

1. Sarkodie – President

Sarkodie the who refers to himself as King Sark will be the president in this setup. Yes! He has made great strides in the music industry and his success makes him the best bet when it comes to Presidency because he can use his exposure to propel the country to a higher height.

Sarkodie at 4sytes Music Video Awards
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