Shocking Photos- Top 10 Heaviest Babies Ever Born  In The History Of The World– Biggest Newborn Babies


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It is normal for babies to be born between the range of 5.5 pounds to 10 pounds. Admittedly, most of the babies born each year are born between the normal weight range, while a very small percentage are either very small or very large. There is research that shows how or why children may be born out of the normal range. It highlights factors such as a pregnant woman’s age, which can drastically impact her baby’s growth inside of her womb. Normally, after age 35 woman are more likely to have increased complications associated with ‘advanced maternal age’.

 Other factors such as a pregnant woman’s weight, whether she has diabetes or high blood pressure can affect the size and health of her new born baby. Below is a list of babies who were born way above the normal weight range of a newborn. The ten heaviest babies ever born.

10. Teen delivers 15-pound baby in India

Teen delivers 15-pound baby in India
A 19-year-old woman named Nandini gave birth to a 15 pound, 24.4-inch baby girl in May 2016. She was delivered via a thirty-minute cesarean section procedure, at a government run hospital in Karnataka, India. The mother, Nandini was 207 pounds at the time of her daughter’s delivery and doctors feared this would cause her to have diabetes and affect the baby. However, both child and mother were in good health. The 15-pound baby girl is the heaviest recorded newborn in India.

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