Four ritualists arrested with human heart (photos)


Four men have been charged with murder in Nigeria’s Ogun State after they killed a lady for blood money rituals.

The suspects, Nurudeen Adeniyi, 34, Tunde Banjo, 29, Temitope Alaba 20, and Tobi Olukoya , 20, are said to have kidnapped the lady and taken her to the house of a fetish priest, where they killed her with a knife.

The suspects, who reportedly extracted the heart of the lady for the planned rituals, are said to have confessed to the crime.

Police Commissioner Ahmed Iliyasu described the act as a “recession of human being back to cannibalism”.

“That is bestial and we cannot allow that. We have carried out our constitutional duties by arresting them,” he said.

Four ritualists arrested with human heart (photos)

The police are said to be processing the men for court.

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