PHOTOS Of A Father Of 2 Nigerian Who Died After Having Sex With His Tenant At Adenta


A Nigerian Landlord in Ghana’s alleged mid-morning sexual rendezvous with a female tenant at Adentan Municipality in the early hours of Wednesday, September 14, 2016 is said to have led him to his grave.

Achi Ogu’s believed to be a Nigerian…


Reports says after enjoying his mid morning rounds of s*x with his tenant-Cynthia Nubuor, he decided to have a nap to regain his lost energy but unfortunately died.  has been told, Achi Ogu who died shortly after the s*xual encounter with his tenant was even married, with two children.


Achi Ogu is said to be the owner of multiple houses in Accra and his wife is also in Ghana.

The wife must be facing an extra tough time–as to whether to even cry or not.


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