5 Ways to Tell your Girlfriend Cheated from the Size of her Vagina


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Vaginas, for the most part, always look, feel and taste the same. If you are home and you have a girl at Legon, for example and you get to see her once every now and then, chances are that you are super worried about being the sole owner of the Tonga. Well, Like your favourite cup, pillow or side of the couch, you always know when somebody else has stuck their penis inside your girl’s vagina.

If you have sex with her every day you will not notice a change, but if you do it every five days as an average boyfriend, you can see the difference. Unless she has totally loose muscles inside and, as nicely put in Kamasutra, she is an elephant woman and you practically do not feel that you are inside. In short , I am trying to say that if on a normal day you do not feel your penis in her pussy, do not expect to catch her when she bangs someone else because there will be no difference.

The Size
So if you have sex once every five days, after the previous intercourse her vagina gets shorter and tightens up. When you enter you feel resistance at the beginning even if you had a long foreplay. For the first 10 seconds her vagina needs to adapt to the shape and size of your penis. However, if after a five-day break you go in easily like a finger sinking in batter and it used to be different you have some grounds to suspect her of cheating.

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