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Cool or Naa? A Couple Took Daring Pre-wedding PHOTOS in Plastic Bags.



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Pre-wedding photo shoots are on the rise, and there are always new and interesting angles to every photo shoot.

But one Japenese photographer takes his art to a whole new level. Hal Kawaguchi is in high demand by newly-weds and soon-t0-be wed couples for his unique style of photography; wrapping the couples in an airtight plastic bag.

Hal explained that he decided to start this style of photographing couples as a way for them to express how in love and close they are. It is a risky process that involves pre-rehearsals without the plastic bag and then to final shoot. Hal covers each couple with lube and then sucks out the air with a vacuum cleaner. The photographer then has only four seconds to get the perfect shot.

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