Rapper Eno really a lesbian?? This is how she reacts to stories making rounds that she is a lesbobo


Touch your body hitmaker, Eno in an interview with Joy FM has reacted to stories making the rounds that she’s a lesbobo.

According to the female rapper, it’s not true that she’s into girls and that interview was the first time she’s hearing lesbian allegations against her.

This is what she had to say when asked whether she’s into girls, “Oo I’ve never heard about this before, this is a news to me, Eno a lesbian? oo no. Fine, I’m a tomboy but that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian.”

She continued, “I did Visual arts at SHS, I’ve always rolled with guys. I’m not a lesbian, I’ve a boyfriend called Emmanuel. This my huge body and I’m into girls, aaba”

Eno right there clearing the air that she’s not a lesbian.


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