10 Celebrities who are HIV positive


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HIV is one deadly virus that has claimed several lives and is in fact no follower of persons, and so are Celebrities who are HIV positive. It doesn’t also means that whoever acquire that disease is going to die immediately.

If you take care of yourself and change your lifestyle , of course you are going to live long barred any unnatural occurrences.

Have a glance at  some celebrities who are actually HIV positive:

1.Charlie Sheen


Famous actor Charlie sheen told NBC’s “Today” show that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive over four years ago, which many those who knew it demanded a great deal of cash from him to keep it out of the public.

More or less a bribe to avoid “blackmail” .Sheen, 50, proclaimed he’s unsure how he acquired this terrible virus. Since his diagnosis, he has told all his partners of his condition including his close relatives. He referred to as it “impossible” that he had transferred the virus to others.

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