These common foods can help you lose weight


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Losing weight has become something that a lot of Ghanaians have recently become interested in.

Exercise is good,I recommend that to everyone who wants to lose weight or wants to live a healthy life. It should be part of you  or your daily lifestyle.Just exercising isn’t enough ,you need to eat the right type of meal of foods to balance your rate of body metabolism. I must say that the kind o foods we eat nowadays are becoming too inorganic( not natural foods) which is not good for our health benefit.

Most inorganic foods are deprived of the natural nutrients or supplement you need.So better you get or look for the natural vegetable,fruits to balance your diet.In substitute to that you can also get a very pure and natural supplement to balance your diet or speed up your weight loss process. 

But before that there are some basic foods you can eat to help aid your weight loss process, and they are very common too. Weight loss is basically just a process of reducing the fat or cholestrol profile of your body.

It doesn’t mean starvation but rather eating healthy.

The next slides are some common foods in Ghana that can help you lose weight.

1. Vegetables

Yes of course , our almighty veggies. Take note of the natural and organic vegetables. Vegetables helps a lot in our well being and losing weight in general because  are low in calories but high in essential minerals and vitamins that improve the metabolism of the body.

They contain no fats and their carbohydrate count is very low. Vegetables like;  carrots, cabbage, spinach, peas, beans etc. are excellent sources of minerals while being low on calories.



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