11 celebrities who Are Campaigning For  Nana Akufo-Addo This Year


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The New Patriotic Party, NPP has had many entertainers endorse them prior to elections like the ruling NDC government. 

For the past years, the leading opposition party has had some of the country’s famous entertainers supporting them during their campaign. 

These entertainers who share same ideology with the party have either climbed the campaign stage of the party or have used their profession to project the aim of the liberal democratic and liberal conservative party. 

Not long ago, Zionfelix.net gave a list of entertainers who are busily campaigning for the ruling government so it will just be fair to do same for the leading opposition party in order not for anyone to tag us as pro NDC because we are not and will never be. All we do here is just to report news including ‘politainment’. 

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