5 Morning Tips That’ll Boost Your Relationship


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We all know the importance of having a morning routine. But what about harnessing the power of morning ritual for your relationship?

Getting complacent or taking your partner for granted can be an easy trap to fall into. It takes conscious action to keep the passion between you thriving.

So here are five simple morning rituals you can use to really nourish your relationship. Try one of these for the next seven days and watch your love life flourish.

1. Eye-gazing

This is one of the most simple yet powerful practices to create more connection with your partner. And it literally takes only two minutes.

Sit, lie, or stand facing your partner. Look directly into each other’s eyes. Soften your gaze, and focus on relaxing your body and opening your heart and soul to one another. Stay with each other for a few minutes like this. Play with “feeling into” each other energetically and allowing yourself to be “felt.” Finish by sharing how you felt about the experience and what thoughts and feelings came up for you. This can be a challenging practice, and it’s quite common to feel overwhelmed or exposed. Give it time, and trust that you will gradually feel more comfortable being vulnerable and intimate with your partner in this way.

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