Ladies: 10 things you should never text a guy


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Texting is such a quick, easy and cheap way of communicating that, for many people, it has become their main way of connecting to people
Texting, though, doesn’t come without its own hazards and potential drawbacks. It’s impossible to convey a tone of voice in a text, so words can look hard and cold, when they aren’t meant to be and, it’s easy to send off a text without thinking it through properly when you are angry, or had too much drink.

When you are texting a man, you have to be particularly careful, because men don’t generally use texts as much as women, so they are not as familiar with text terms and abbreviations.

If you are a textaholic and love sending texts, you might do well to read these ten texts that should never send to a guy.

1. Personal secrets

Remember that you can never be sure who has your man’s phone in their hands when you send him a text, so don’t text him any personal or intimate secrets that you would be embarrassed if someone else read. He could have left his phone on his desk at work or he could have lent it to a friend to use. Some people are just plain nosey and they will take a sneaky peak at someone else’s text messages out of curiosity.

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