The net worth of these 5 pastors will shock you! They are the richest


​Look inside the cars, jets or homes of the richest pastors from Africa! The 5 top of them come from Nigeria! These men are really rich.

African pastors have large churches and at times ministry makes them extremely rich. These 5 own luxury things, such as very expensive cars or even jets. Take a look at their assets.

1. David Oyedepo

He pastors a church in Nigeria and his net worth amounts to over 150 million dollars. How did he get so rich? Well, he has the largest church and a publishing house. People buy and read his books. The man has several houses in USA and UK, as well as private jets.

2. Matthew Ashimolowo


Supposedly he has over 50 million dollars in various assets. Annually he gets over 200 000 dollars paid to him by the church.

3. Chris Oyakhilome


By now he may have the net worth of around 50 million dollars. He pastors a church of over 40 thousand people and runs several businesses. He also owns such media, as television and newspapers.

4. Temitope Joshua
On Sundays his church is full and gathers around 15 thousand people in one building. He owns a TV channel and claims to heal deadly diseases, such as HIV or cancer.


5.Chris Okotie

His net worth is around 10 million dollars. He owns a fleet of costly cars, such as Mercedes and Hammers.

All these ministers come from Nigeria and they make a good life of serving. They run businesses and pastor congregations, but they also do not forget to pamper themselves!

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