Prez Mahama HOT As Central Region Queenmothers Threaten Boycott His Visit


Queenmothers in the Awutu Traditional Council in the Central region have decided to boycott the planned visit of President John Mahama to the area.

The queenmothers numbering about 33 say they have been sidelined after only one was invited by the Traditional Council to meet the president.

Leader of the queenmother’s, Naakye Dodi Akaabi disclosed this to Adom News Friday.

She indicated that, the clerk of the Traditional Council invited her to the meeting but realised her colleagues had not been invited.

Naakye Dodi Akaabi said, she then asked one of the queen mothers who has a very good rapport with the District Chief Executive in the area about the disappointing development only to be told the Paramount Chief gave the order.

“The queenmother told me the DCE said they decided not to invite them because the Paramount Chief said they [queenmothers] are not important” he stated.

Naakye Dodi Akaabi said, she is still baffled at the conduct of the Paramount chief and suspects his conduct is due to a long stand feud between them.

“I’m surprised the chief is behaving like this because it is me he has issues with not the others so why have they invited only me” she bemoaned.

Naakye Dodi Akaabi said she has decided not to honour the invitation to meet President Mahama in solidarity with the other queenmothers.

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