Kwaku Bonsam Conjures Fire From Nowhere In front of Aljazeera Journalists


Popular fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, is said to have shocked some Aljazeera journalists who visited his shrine to produce a documentary on him.

According to a report by the Daily Guide, Bonsam treated the journalists to spellbinding magic and “supernatural acrobatics”.

The report said Bonsam then conjured fire from nowhere into the raffia.

Bonsam is said to have used his hands to regulate the intensity of the fire, turning his palms skywards to increase it, and turning his palms towards the ground to reduce it.

The report added that the fetish priest also used a sharp machete to cut himself without success, but the same machete cut down other objects and tree around.

Bonsam is said to have told the Daily Guide that the journalists described his acts as “incredible and amazing”

-Daily Guide

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