Any Lady Who Does not Swallow Sperm Needs Deliverance- Prophet Kumchaha


Founder and leader of Heaven Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei aka Kumchaha was on Kofi TV and he has an advice for ladies. According to the conversation which NsromaMedia.Com culled from a video, if you are a lady and you decide to throw up your man’s semen after a Blow job, then you need deliverance. He does not seem to fathom why a woman would decide not to swallow such a  holy ghost/ spiritual oil- an oil which prevents sickness.

Asked if his wife performs fellatio on him, he answered in the affirmative and even added that he has bought two cars for his wife because of how great she is in bed. In relation to fellatio and how important it is in relationships, he had this to say;

If you are lady who is able to suck on your man’s D’ well, he does crazy things for you. Put it in your mouth for ten minutes, not one minute. When he cums, swallow it with pride and he will start signing the cheques. You can not decide to suck on him and throw up the cum. You need deliverance if you do that.

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