Forget Lord Paper & Nana Yaa!! These Two Models Are PANTLESS At The Venice Film Festival (PHOTOS)


We can forget about Lord Paper & Nana Yaa because these two models have left onlookers speechless  at the Venice Film Festival where they provided a jaw-dropping sight.

The two models, Guiia Salemi & Dayane Mello have ripped up the rule book they hit the annual event fro the premiere of new TV miniseries The Young Pope on Saturday.

They are Italian models and they got everyone keeping their eyes on their crotch. See the photos below. Some People have confidence. Maybe Nana Yaa needs picks her inspiration from these models.

37E0331900000578-3772623-image-a-119_147294176898337E033ED00000578-3772623-image-m-49_147298087849037E0676500000578-3772623-image-m-51_147298101004937E1065700000578-3772623-Leggy_Draped_over_the_arms_of_a_stylish_man_the_women_seemed_to_-m-46_1472947004157Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.24.20 PMGuiia Salemi & Dayane Mello37E03F9300000578-3772623-image-m-45_147298073150737E03ED600000578-0-image-a-110_1472939979493Guiia Salemi & Dayane Mello

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